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Custom Token Rewards on Boost



Boost now supports the use of custom token rewards to incentivize any onchain action. This gives issuers the flexibility to reward users with any ERC20 token on Arbitrum, Base, Optimism and Polygon.

As a highly versatile and permissionless protocol, anyone can use Boost for any use case or objective, such as driving sequencer fees, mint collections, voter participation and more. You can start deploying boosts on Boost Manager with as little as 0.10 USDC and with any ERC20 token reward.

Reward Your Community With Your Custom Token

Onchain apps and communities often have their own native token to reward user participation. Boost enhances these tokens' utility by allowing any community member to use them as incentives to drive onchain actions.

For instance, if you are an individual part of a token community, you can help drive growth by using the native token to incentivize new or existing community members to perform an onchain action, like minting, voting, staking, bridging and more.

How to Set a Custom Token Reward

Boost Manager is the main interface to configure, deploy and track boosts. After selecting the onchain action and target audience, you'll reach the step to 'Select the Reward' where you can set the custom token reward.

Custom Token Reward on Boost

  1. Select the token reward network. Boost supports the following networks for token rewards: Arbitrum, Base, Optimism and Polygon.
  2. Select ‘Other’. From the ‘Reward Token’ dropdown list, select ‘Other’.
  3. Enter the custom token address. The easiest way to find the token address of any ERC20 is by searching on a token explorer like Etherscan.
  4. Confirm the detected token reward. If the inputted token address is valid, you will see the details of the detected token and you can move on to the next step to select your reward budget and amount.

For a full detailed guide on how to deploy a boost, read the step-by-step guide.

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