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Boost for Creators




Boost is the distributed incentives network for crypto. With Boost, anyone can offer token rewards to any address to complete an onchain action. There are several different ways to use Boost for your specific objective. Whether it’s to acquire, engage or retain holders, Boost is built for everyone, including independent artists and creators.

One of the most common use cases of Boost for creators is to incentivize mints, or in other words, boost mints.

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Why Boost mints?

On traditional social networks, ‘boosting’ content is a common advertising tactic to get in front of your target audience’s feed. Similarly in web3, Boost can be used as an onchain advertising tool for creators to boost their work in front of target collectors.

Here are some of the benefits of Boost for creators:

  • Brand awareness: Boost your work to appear on trending pages or leaderboards.
  • Wide distribution: Find your boosts across the network of Boost Client apps.
  • Audience targeting: Select the specific audience you want to engage with.
  • Creator rewards: Earn creator rewards for every mint.

The main benefit of Boost is its platform-agnostic distribution network. Once a boost is deployed, it is distributed across the network of front-end Boost Clients such as Boost Inbox, RabbitHole and Daylight. Crypto users can use any of these platforms to discover your work and receive the incentive offer. With every successful mint transaction, you earn creator rewards from both the mint platform and Boost Protocol.

How can I use Boost as a creator?

Here are some common ways creators use Boost for their mints:

  • Boost mints to climb up the leaderboard or trending pages
  • Reward loyal collectors based on their NFT holdings
  • Target high-value collectors based on their assets
  • Target new collectors based on similar creators

How to boost your mints in minutes

Boosting your mints is simple. Within minutes, you can get your work in front of the audience that matters to you. To do this, Boost Manager is the main interface for anyone to configure, deploy and track boosts.

1. Mint your NFT on a supported Boost project. You will first need to create and mint an NFT on one of the following creator platforms: Zora, Sound, Mirror, Manifold, Paragraph and Pods.

2. Head to Boost Manager. Once you’ve created your NFT, head to Boost Manager to configure and deploy your boost.

Boost Manager

3. Set the NFT details. Select the project the NFT is minted on (Zora, Sound, Mirror, Manifold, Paragraph and Pods), then input the NFT contract address and TokenID. For Zora mints, the TokenID is the last digit found on the Zora mint URL:[network]:[contractAddress]/[tokenID]. Sound and Mirror mints are ERC721 and should not have a TokenID.

Boost Manager - Mint

4. Select the target audience. Choose from a list of preset audiences or upload your own custom CSV file of addresses eligible to receive and complete the boost.

Boost Manager - Allowlist

5. Select the token reward and budget. Choose the token and amount to be rewarded to users. Deploying a boost does not require a big budget and can start as little as 0.10 USDC.

Boost Manager - Reward

6. Deposit and deploy. To deploy the boost, deposit the total reward funds into the smart contract, plus the Protocol Fee. Make sure you have enough in your wallet to fund the boost. Once you approve the contracts, your boost will be live and discoverable across Boost Client apps.

Boost Manager - Deploy

For a full detailed guide on how to deploy a boost, read the step-by-step guide.

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