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Boost for Affiliates




Affiliates play an important role in driving demand and distribution to grow ecosystems. On Boost, we offer a unique opportunity for anyone to earn income by connecting crypto networks to relevant users looking to participate onchain. Recognizing their crucial role in driving protocol growth, we have expanded the affiliate reward program by increasing their earning opportunities.

Affiliates now earn 5% of each boost reward, in addition to the standard 0.000025 ETH reward claim fee on every boost completion.

As the ecosystem develops, we anticipate that crypto networks, protocols, and communities will increasingly offer higher rewards to attract high-quality participants, driving greater earning potential for affiliates.

Why earn affiliate rewards?

Boost Affiliate Rewards

Anyone can be a Boost affiliate and earn protocol rewards. Whether you are an individual contributor, dapp or integration partner, there are several benefits to being a Boost affiliate:

  • Unlock a new revenue stream: Distribute and promote boosts to create new ways to monetize your audience and earn income onchain.
  • Get instant payout: All actions happen onchain, enabling instant and transparent payout when a boost is completed.
  • Drive sustainable growth: As we trend toward higher rewards to engage participants, affiliates will benefit from more sustainable growth and ongoing user retention.

How to earn affiliate rewards

Boost is a multi-sided marketplace with a network of issuers, affiliates and users coordinating on earning opportunities. When an issuer deploys a boost, they must deposit a protocol fee, which is an additional 20% of the total token amount for the deployed boost. As an affiliate, you can earn a portion of that protocol fee.

Boost Referral Page

  1. Find your custom Boost affiliate link. Connect your wallet to Boost Inbox and head to the ‘Refer’ tab.
  2. Share your link with your audience. Either share the link directly with your audience, integrate it into your existing platform or spin up a custom frontend client like Boost Inbox.
  3. Earn on every boost completion. When a user successfully completes a boost via your affiliate link or platform, you receive 5% of each boost reward. Additionally, you earn a standard claim fee of 0.00025 ETH when the user claims their reward.
  4. Claim your affiliate reward. To keep track and claim your affiliate earnings, head to the Referral page in Boost Inbox. You can view how much you’re earning on active boosts and claim your rewards after completion.

Learn more about how the protocol fee is distributed.

Boost is the future of global onchain coordination

We envision a future where all types of marketplaces and communities will move to operate onchain. Decentralized organizations will seek contributors, with affiliates playing an important role in connecting them. Expanding affiliate earning opportunities is a key step towards strengthening alignment and improving coordination.

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